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HayLow HayNets is located in Alvord, TX. We focus on friends, family and horse lovers alike who are into barrel racing, team roping, rodeos, boarding and sales.

HayLow HayNets Round Bale Hay Net System patent pending (and the subsequent development of our Easy-Load Slow-Feed Hay Bags patent pending) was the brainchild of Tabatha Webster. Tabatha wanted to help reduce the waste of hay when using the round bales to feed our horses out at the Double J Ranch, so she took the traditional hay net and improved upon it with a collapsible design. As the horses eat down a bale, the net keeps the hay better contained — ultimately extending the “life” of every bale.

With this easy-to-use system, we not only saved money but time. Our design is so simple that you can have it on a round bale in no time flat.


Tabatha Webster

Tabatha Webster was virtually born on a horse. She started her journey on horseback at a very early age (one, to be exact). Her resume includes a long list of equine activities and accomplishments, eventually leading her to the Double J Ranch. It was here where the idea for HayLow HayNets was born.

Feeding round bales to anywhere between 70 and 125 heads of horses on a daily basis, you can imagine how much hay was necessary. But so much was wasted, and so much was quickly consumed, that she wanted to develop a system that not only minimized waste (and saved money) but closely mimicked a horse’s grazing habits.

“The horse needs to forage up to 22 hours a day to keep a proper balance of digestion,” she explained, “and current feeding just doesn’t provide that.”

So, she got to work on a solution, and that solution was HayLow HayNets Round Bale Hay Net System. The horses adapt quite well to foraging through the net system, eliminating mounds of waste. It also offers healthy feeding, as the horses cannot bury their heads in the bale and inhale hay particles to aggravate the respiratory system. “The system is win-win," according to Tabatha, “It saves time, money, waste, and vet bills. The horse eats in a more natural state - the way God intended."

You can still find Tabatha roping, barrel racing, performing a reining move, giving lessons, or doctoring a horse on any given day. Spending time in Texas or Minnesota, she is delighted to be a part of the HayLow HayNets team. 

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