• Round Net Repair Kit


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    Each of our HayLow HayNets Round Bale Hay Net Systems and Easy-Load Hay Bags come with a HayLow HayNets Satisfaction Guarantee*, but there may come a time when the natural wear and tear will cause damage. While we would love to tell you to buy another one, that damage could be repairable. Our repair kit includes:

    • 42 gauge treated nylon netting
    • 1.75" net openings
    • For Round Bale Hay Net and Easy-Load Hay Bags

    Extend the life of your hay net or hay bag while still extending the "life" of your hay.

    *HayLow HayNets Round Bale Hay Nets and Easy-Load Hay Bags come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Guarantee is void if our round bale nets are not used inside a round bale feeder. Round bale feeders sold separately.

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